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Our programs are divided into two groups: Montessori Bambino and Montessori Junior. Plans for each age group focus on preparing the child for the next level, and our low teacher: child ratios are designed for optimal learning. All of our activities are guided by respect for the teacher, respect for other children, and respect for the materials.

The Montessori Method offers a nurturing, non-competitive learning environment that meets each child’s individual needs in his physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development. With the environment as an important element, classrooms are well-planned to avoid overcrowding, and everything is child-sized and child-friendly.



MONTESSORI BAMBINO (18month to 3 years)


Toddlers are taught basic language and improved their communicational skills. They are indulged in different healthy activities for the better development of the brain and the body. During this period, they started learning as well as understanding things a better way. We believe, what a child learns at this stage is the best learning he may do.


Toddlers have the utmost desire to touch and employ the things they have around them. To capture the innate behavior to seek attention and become curious, we try to make them learn and memorize things through communication, singing, storytelling, and poems. 


Toddlers have a strong desire to copy and imitate in the same way, which is the best thing to make toddlers learn and absorb many new words to make a good sentence.


The toddler learns through attention, and Love builds trust between them, guidance, and the environment. Moreover, being successful is a natural desire, so MMIS creates a competitive environment, and organizing the competition between them makes them feel happy and motivated to succeed and learn much more.






After the basic learning of toddlers, they are now ready to learn new things better. Moving from the easiest pathway, they can now adopt a complex direction. Here, Complex demand means the way they are expressing feelings, communication skills with others. 


The preparatory class is very important for learning the brain’s development for further development and grooming. When students love to learn and explore new things, while this also helps them make them a respectable citizen, they can perform a better role in the community.


When a child starts their learning at a very young age, they nourish their mind. They have a better ability to absorb and learn things. The atmosphere and Methodology attract them the most. If you want to make a difference, start the Education of your children when they are infants.


They feel good without feeling any burden of memorizing things. They can now easily express their feeling and thinking. The best thing about preschoolers is their learning process and questioning with their parents and their teachers. The development of moral values and character building is monitored at this stage. They start sharing their strong opinion without getting biased to wrong and right. Knowing and comparing with friends and siblings creates a good competition for developing the brain and body.