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We are closely following guidance and state and local officials and health authorities, as we take extreme care to maintain our safe, healthy school environment.

Our current health and safety practices include:

Protective Masks

Face coverings are required for any adult entering the building. Where required by law or licensing, children must also wear masks.

Taking Temperatures

We are screening everyone (staff, children, parents, visitors, etc.) upon arrival for temperature and evident symptoms.

Limited Classroom Access

To curb germs’ spread and control group size, we have parents, and family members remain in the center’s common areas only.

Wellness Checks

Regular wellness checks are being conducted throughout the day. The parents of unwell children are notified immediately to help stop the spread of illness.


Safe (and Still Healthy) Dining

We are now only serving pre-plated (or teacher-plated) meals to children.


Enhanced Health Practices

We’ve strengthened our already rigorous cleanliness and hygiene practices (such as more frequent hand washing and increased cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting surfaces and items in classrooms).


Safety First

Security procedures are strictly enforced. Entrances require added security checks. All visitors are met at the door and must show a photo ID. Administrative staff can instantly access children’s key information, including medical history and approved names for drop-off and pick-up.



Weekly menus, approved by a registered dietitian nutritionist, offer a variety of healthy options (including vegetarian) for a morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack to meet children’s daily nutrition needs. Meals are served buffet-style, and your child may assist in setting the table, serving food, and cleaning up.


Health and Cleanliness

Regular hand-washing curbs the spread of germs. Children are regularly monitored for symptoms of illness. Parents are notified immediately when their child does not feel well to help prevent the spread of disease. Classrooms are cleaned and disinfected regularly with child-safe products.



Classroom materials & Playground equipment

Materials and playground equipment are regularly disinfected and checked for broken or loose parts, plus tested for possible choking hazards for children under age 3. All playgrounds are secured with fencing and inspected daily. Safe fall zones provide soft landing areas when children play on the equipment.